With Casteilla Private Limited, you can publish your e-books in many national and international e-book publishing platforms including our own e-book store(our ebook store work in progress) and start earning loyalties for each of your books sold. Through Casteilla® You could publish your e-book in numerous e-publishing websites in a go. We have partnered with several international and national e-publishers, along with our own e-book store.

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Casteilla provides one of the most affordable translation services for e-books. If you need to get your e-books translated, send a small sample of 100 words to info@casteilla.in and mention
E-book translation details in the subject line. Once the translators send their sample translation, you could check the quality of their translation.

Once if you are satisfied with the sample, you have to pay half the charges required for translating the book to Casteilla Private Limited (Through electronic bank transfer for Indian languages, and paypal for foreign language translations). You could pay the remaining amount after translation of the book is completed and you have checked

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All your e-books will be promoted in social media for free. If you require more advertisement through blogs or newspaper advertisements, mention “E-book promotion details” in the subject line and send an email to with your message to info@casteilla.in . You would get assistance on the payment details for such promotions. Make the necessary payment and publish your advertisements. 

Call us:  + 91-8870110919 / 8760346627


Booking classified advertisement has been made easier with Manorama Classifieds, It is the right choice, and it is the bright one, better way of advertising.

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Ultimately we help businesses connect better with their customers. There are 3 core elements: your brand, your website, your marketing.

What makes us different?
We're small, very good at what we do – and we're affordable.

website design and development services that work for you. We know what a website should say and do, and how to make it look real pretty

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