Casteilla provides one of the most affordable translation services for e-books. If you need to get your e-books translated, send a small sample of 100 words to and mention
E-book translation details in the subject line. Once the translators send their sample translation, you could check the quality of their translation.

Once if you are satisfied with the sample, you have to pay half the charges required for translating the book to Casteilla Private Limited (Through electronic bank transfer for Indian languages, and paypal for foreign language translations). You could pay the remaining amount after translation of the book is completed and you have checked

Call us: +91-7448502373 / 8760346627

Casteilla Private limited believes that effective translation which is the key component in global marketing of businesses, we offer services which are of international standards done by the native translators. We deliver accurate, quick and value added solutions for all your business needs. Casteilla Private Limited has an impressive team of a whopping 1000+ experienced native translators translating over 80 million words every year with high linguistic quality. All our services undergo thorough research and scrupulous proofreading.

We undertake translation service for all the languages in the world.

We, at Casteilla Private Limited, strongly believe in delivery on time every time with the highest possible quality and this is made achievable through our dedicated staff with excellently coordinated process to work with our experienced native translators. Our expertise in the language translation includes:

Business Letters/Communication

Business Translation

Legal Translation

Medical Translation

Email Translation

Mobile Phone Software

Personal Translation

Software Localization

Talk base Connect Website Localization

Technical Translation

Certified Translation

Direct Mailers (DMs)

Documents Translation

Game Localization

Scripts Translation

Translation in Unicode fonts

Website Translation

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